S. Ejazuddin & Co.

S. Ejazuddin & Co. is an insignia for hospital needs. The professional competency, the impeccable exactness, the engineering precision, the towering dependability all are meant for hospital care taking.

Today S. Ejazuddin is a prestigious name for hospital services and an emblem for dependability and reliability.

About Us

Our Clients
      • Ziauddin Hospital
      • North Nazimabad Lab. Test
      • Nazimabad Friends of Cardiac Surgery
      • Civil Hospital
      • Child Aid Association
      • The Laboratory
      • The Kidney Centre
      • Rafiqui Shaheed Road
      • Tabba Heart Institute, F.B. Area
      • QAMC Zubaida Medical Centre
      • Jamal Noor Hospital
      • Shamsi International
      • Al-Dubai Hotel
      • Saddar Saifee Hospital
      • Nazimabad SKMT Shahrah-e-Faisal
      • Shaikh Zayed Hospital Karachi
      • Institute of Heart Disease
      • Bismillah Taqee Blood Disease Centre
      • Syed Hospital
      • PWA
      • The Indus Hospital, Korangi Crossing
      • Patel Hospital
      • Chiniot General Hospital
      • Z.V.M.G (Rangoon Wala Trust)
      • Fatmid Foundation
      • A.H.S. Enterprises
      • SouthCity Lab
      • Center for Non-Communicable Disease (CNCD)
      • N.I.B.D
      • Liaqat National Hospital
      • Hussaini Blood Bank
      • O.M.I. Hospital
      • Dr. Ziauddin Hospital
      • Al-Khaleej Lab
      • Civil Hospital (Centeral Lab.)
      • National Medical Center
      • J.P.M.C (Main Lab.)
      • Aga Khan University Hospital
      • Sambros Hospital
      • Memon Medical Institute Hospital
      • N.I.C.V.D.
      • Khuttiyana Memon Hospital
Our Principle